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El Clon

El Clon is a Spanish-language telenovela produced by the U.S.-based television network Telemundo and the Brazilian network Globo. It is a remake of O Clone, a Brazilian telenovela that originally aired on Globo in 2001 and on Telemundo in 2002. This limited run melodrama, which stars Mauricio Ochmann and Sandra Echeverria, deals with topics such as drug trafficking, cloning and Islam. Telemundo executive Mark Santana called El Clon "the most ambitious telenovela in the history of television." This melodrama features a love triangle featuring Lucas, a handsome hero, challenging his clone for the love of an enticing, exotic woman. Lucas is young when he falls for a young Arab girl named Jade. She is caught between modern values and her Islamic upbringing. They separate and two decades pass. Then a strange turn of luck brings the pair together. Then Jade meets the clone, who is just like Lucas, but twenty years younger. She must choose between the man she loved and the memory she cherishes. The remake debuted on February 15, 2010. It is filmed in Fez, Morocco, with some scenes shot on location in the Middle East, and in Bogotá, where Girardot's city represents Fez and Miami, although the main setting is Miami. It includes several members of the original production team, including screenwriter Glória Perez and director Jayme Monjardim.

Religion thwarted Lucas and Jade's young love. They reunite decades later, but Jade's heart is torn between the man she knew and his younger clone.
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